Each generation of queer children tries on a freedom purchased by those of the era before. Each wave of queer youth, therefore, are not born solely of their own invention and courage — but, instead, are born free through a deed purchased and left by a generation past.

In this parcel of unconquered territory, on this land where we chart new lives, with the material language our elders set aside — we build shelter. And stretch our provisions to cover someone else.

It is these real freedoms, purchased by those who never marched in a parade, that give us pride. It is this home purchased by those who bore all the questions and paid the price for the answers who we honor in these days: those kids drug and kicked out of their own homes so that we could live out our own answers. In this place of answer-finding, we make space for the future version of them.

To those coming up behind me: you have been handed the deed to a mighty house. Yours is the the house of Michelangelo. The home left by DiVinci and Shakespeare; the unfinished work of Tchaikovsky and Allen Alley; this is the house of Walt Whitman and Allen Turing, of Virgina Wolf and Audre Lorde; of Janet Mock and Lavern Cox. This is the house our gay mothers built.

By Ashlee Davis

The opportunity to serve as a political appointee in the Obama-Biden Administration was a true privilege. The lesson that was reinforced in more ways than I would ever be able to count was that this opportunity was meaningful for the the seemingly invisible and marginalized segments of the LGBT community, who at times do not even dare to dream of one day calling the West Wing their office or the Commander-In-Chief their boss.

My identity is complicated only because there are still places in this world refusing to understand that my existence is not severable. I am…

30 🏛 Rules & 🛠 Tools to Dig Your Head Out of the Sand & Have Fruitful Conversations On Race

By Vincent Bish

TV Criticism | HBO’s “Insecure” | Molly Made to March Towards Crumbling Myths of Success? | S04 E04

The writers use Molly’s character, every season, to explore a single thesis: how incredibly brittle traditional ideas of success are becoming, and how they almost certainly fracture under today’s pressures.

Every episode sees Molly trying to trace the blueprint most of us were given as kids (in terms of what will lead to success — lawyer, monogamous relationship, marrying w/i your own race, etc.) and, each week she’s let down. …

Creating Space to Talk About Failure | Debugging Shame 👾

Like Princeton professor Johannes Haushofer mentioned in the now infamous ‘Failure CV,’ when we fail to talk about rejection, it robs us — especially those of us at the beginning of our careers — of a true understanding of the halting trajectory of success.

When there’s no space to share our failure stories we hide: we toss only the laminated, curated bits of our journey into our community’s echo chamber until all we hear is the phrase that, “rejection and being successful cannot occupy the same space.”

Time to begin…

“Beyoncé singing the United Negro National Anthem at Coachella is the very definition of intertextuality: the shaping and revising of a well-known text (i.e. Coachella — a mostly white, apolitical, secular, modernity-centric space) with new meaning by the insertion of another bold text — in this case a negro spiritual written in 1905.

Beyond her gifts at reshaping spaces once inaccessible to black music , it’s very interesting to see how she chooses to accomplish the task. More than a forced cultural seizure of those not previously ‘invited to the party,’ her chosen means of recolonize this to our space…

Diversifying Life’s Portfolio:

Work-Life Balance

“I think about life like a diversified portfolio. And diversified portfolios always outperform the market.”

- Thasunda Duckett, CEO of Consumer Banking at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The ambitious among us — in our 20s — often find ourselves with lopsided lives: we’ve done the work, we’ve put in the time, we’ve put ourselves up for the promotion, we’ve moved across the country — in essence. we took the risks we thought were most important in crafting a life…

But we forgot to make sure that the life that we came home to was just…

Nope, I think we’ll stand, thanks.

Self-abasement is contagious; those who get through the day by downsizing their dreams will most certainly ask you, piece-by-piece, to downsize yours if they share intimate space with you.

That close-quarters living with people who don’t value their own dreams, who tell themselves to be quiet, who answer every question about their possible greatness with a pre-prepared answer on why they cannot — perennially will keep otherwise great women, and great men from becoming what they could be.

What’s the message you’ve been slowly osmosing from your environment?

Our emotional landscape is sensitive to language — and is always primed by our environment…

What’s going on in Washington?!

“The U.S. Congress Office of Compliance settled 264 sexual harassment complaints — $17.2 million of taxpayer money over 20 years.“

Let’s extrapolate:

1️⃣ $860,000 a year to cover up the constant sexual misdeeds of congressmen for the past 20-years.

2️⃣ That’s about one staffer assaulted, every, single month between now, and November, 29th 1997.

3️⃣ With an average payout somewhere in the ballpark of $65,000.


1️⃣And we wonder who will be exempted if new sexual harassment legislation is drawn up? Congress.

2️⃣You want to march for something.

This is something to get angry about.

Originally posted on November 11th, 2016

Sit in this emotion, let’s feel it — but most importantly, let’s learn from this loss.

If you find yourself thumbing through your newsfeed, hunting for the next person to brief on why their grief is illegitimate — here’s small hint: it’s probably because you feel that way yourself.

Let yourself feel this.

Sit in emotional fission that this election may have brought up because deferring those feelings or deeming them unworthy of your time will almost certainly visit them, unprocessed, onto someone else.

For many people on your newsfeed or timeline, they are not just grieving their candidate loosing, or the referendum on liberal politics that just happened, they…

Vincent Bish

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